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about Workshops
Topf Technique® / Dynamic Anatomy® Workshops

The workshops offer an in-depth and concentrated study of the specific anatomical concepts fundamental to Topf Technique®. In the workshop we use a life-size skeleton to help clarify the location of bones and spaces in the body. Participants are given time to integrate the material in an extended format, enhancing the learning process. The workshops are organized in a series, and each one of them addresses different parts of the structural anatomy. The specific theme of the workshop is explored both theoretically and experientally, applying the ideokinetic principles to the movement practice, creative exploration and bodywork. The workshop series is designed for anyone interested in freeing the body from inhibiting movement patterns, developing creativity, cultivating presence, and learning tools to help with injury prevention and recovery. The work is of special value to performers, artists, yogis, fitness professionals,

therapists and bodyworkers.

" While studying movement technique
  it is helpful to utilize open forms
  [such as improvisation] to create
  the possibility of the emergence of
  new forms of expression, thus
  encouraging the creative process.
  Training the body to respond deeply
  to its underlying form by studying
  the skeleton is a 'formal', technical
  and creative process."

                                            – Nancy Topf

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