photo by José Jorge Carreón
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"Seeing within the body becomes a way of
– Nancy Topf
Anatomical imagery provides a pathway into the inner experience of the body. As a student moves with a slow flow and inner attention, the mind settles into the body. Perception shifts. The body relaxes and engages in new ways as students playfully search for the support of the bones and a deeper connection to the ground. Students explore a fluid series of organic forms inspired by infants' developmental movement patterns as they build deep spinal support for the upright posture — through pushing, reaching, rolling, and crawling. The class also includes spiraling sequences, a recurring theme in the body as it moves through space. We focus on developing awareness of the psoas muscle and facilitating its integrative action, a practice that encourages ease, power, and suppleness. The class culminates with a
guided movement improvisation encouraging students to listen to the body and move from impulses connected to the deep investigation of the skeletal forms.

photo by José Jorge Carreón
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