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"I would like you to spend a lot of time exploring the skeleton with your hands, feeling the form of the bones and also simply looking at it. The experience of this tactile contact with the skeletal model transfers when your hands are on your own body and when we do bodywork on each other. The hands remember the experience of touching the skeletal model and develop insight into the body. We are developing hands that can see the interior, the seeing hand. The imaging process is the basis of the hands-on bodywork as well as the movement work." – Nancy Topf

The bodywork is an educational process. Touch allows for physical connection to the image. Hands-on guidance communicates sensory information about the structure of the body. The practitioner uses touch to facilitate a state of deep relaxation and

receptivity, in which this information can be integrated. We use touch to perceive and reflect back to the client the motility and rhythms of the tissues and bone structure. Touch brings attention to intensified sensation and awareness, creating inner space, thus enhancing knowledge of the body. The bodywork begins a process of unlearning habitual neuromuscular patterns. This process brings more freedom, possibility, and vitality to the body and engages it's innate capacity to heal itself.

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